in Brief 2019


From Ideas to Innovations

LU Innovation is the hub for innovation and commercialisation at Lund University. We support students and researchers to convert ideas and research findings into successful new products, services or methods.

Through VentureLab we stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among students.


Through LU Holding, the University’s investment company, we can work operationally to bring new innovations to the market.


Together, we work to contribute to sustainable growth through the successful use of knowledge and research at Lund University.


In 2019 we met hundreds of researchers and students. 

As a result of these meetings, we received 488 new ideas, 

of which 248 were taken on and developed. 


How we do it

Business development

Mapping the situation – support to develop a sustainable plan. 

Financial support 

Test, verify or accelerate
the idea. 

Intellectual property
& legal support 

Expert advice on patents, copyright, agreements and contracts. 


Company formation, licensing deals and investments. 

Contacts & network 

Where to go and who
to talk to. 

Educational activities 

To inspire and to educate. 

New solutions to societal challenges

Innovations do not necessarily involve patents and company formation, but rather transfer of know-how. The last couple of years, we have seen a number of great ideas from Social Sciences and Humanities and Theology. We have actively been working on how to support students, PhD students and researchers alike, across all faculties. 


Is it all about the money? 

The primary driving force among the researchers and students we meet is rarely money. However, nearly everyone needs funding to be able to drive an idea forward. 

Through different financing opportunities, we can support and accelerate the ideas. By testing and verifying the innovative potential, we can reduce risk and improve market potential. 


We offer different forms of financial support to enable testing, verifying or accelerating an idea. In 2019, 108 projects from students and researchers received financial support from LU Innovation. 

The figure gives a simplified view of how the grants were distributed in the different phases for 2019. A specific project can occur, and receive funding, in several phases during the period. 


How to create an innovative culture

We do not solely support ideas that can be commercialised.
We also actively work for an innovative culture at Lund University. 

LU Innovation organises lectures, presentations and courses to inspire and educate. In addition, through activities such as Leapfrogs, Lund Innovation Challenge and the Future Innovations prize, we are able to encourage and reward students and researchers who wish to develop an idea and try entrepreneurship. 

Lund University and Sparbanken Skåne’s Award for Future Innovations > 

Lund Innovation Challenge >

Leapfrogs >


From research to start-up 

In 2019, 21 companies were founded from ideas supported by LU Innovation. LU Holding became an active shareholder in 8 of these. 

LU Holding, the university holding company, works operationally to bring innovations to market by investing in and supporting research-based start-up companies.
LU Holding invests in projects with significant international market potential and a unique concept that competitively solves a clear customer need. 

Welcome to

LU Holding:

AligND Systems brings affordable advanced nanowire platform technology to the biosensor market. 


Our contribution to growth 

In addition to the financial support, LU Holding engages in board work to help provide young companies with experience, contacts and strategic decisions. An investment from LU Holding also gives the companies credibility and access to a network of potential investors, contacts and partners. 

Once the companies attract external investments, exit occurs by selling shares or by industrial sale. Any return on the shares is reinvested in new commercialisation projects and portfolio companies. 

LU Holding invests at an early stage when there is considerable risk. 

The combined annual figures for all companies in which LU Holding AB has held equity over the years. In 2018, the portfolio companies had a total net turnover of SEK 423 million, paid SEK 216 million in tax revenue and employed over 509 full-time equivalents (FTE). The portfolio companies raised a total of SEK 947 million in venture capital. 


Since 1999, LU Holding has contributed to the creation of 116 new companies, which together have employed over 4 600 full-time equivalents and generated more than

SEK 1.6 billion in total tax revenue. 


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